If you're not doing it yet - sign up to read/listen/check out these excellent resources. They will give you a great look at the world of progressive tech.
  • Building Resilient Organizations - A landmark Nov 2022 article about trends impacting a wide swath of progressive organizations.
  • Business of Politics - A podcast about technology in the Republican and conservative space, hosted by Eric Wilson, managing partner of Startup Caucus.
  • Campaigns and Elections Tech Newsletter - A bipartisan newsletter about campaign technology; tends to focus on more traditional media and DC-based consultancies.
  • The Connector - A newsletter at the intersection of politics, movements, organizing and technology. Written by Micah Sifry, a longtime journalist and organizer in the civic tech space.
  • Digital Politics podcast
  • DNC Tech blog - Blog of the DNC Tech team, describing some of their projects and "behind-the-scenes" look at what they do to help Democrats win.
  • epolitics
  • Great Battlefield - Must-listen show for anyone following the world of progressive tech, hosted by the founder of NGP Software, Nathaniel G Pearlman. Interviews progressive tech founders, leaders of innovative organizations, professors and authors covering politics, and other "political entrepreneurs."
  • Higher Ground Labs Tech Landscape - An annual report summarizing the state of political tech. Published by Higher Ground Labs, a venture capital fund in the progressive tech space. Each report caps off with the firm's investment thesis for the coming year.
  • A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy - A citizen's guide for improving the way democracy works. This guide, published shortly after the 2016 election, is widely credited for the launch of dozens of local Indivisible groups across the country.
  • Innovation and Money in Politics - A newsletter that rethinks how we use money in politics. Written by David Slifka, founder of Bluem Ventures.
  • Progressive Tech on Twitter - A Twitter list collated by Shai Sachs, including a variety of organizations and leaders in the progressive tech space.
  • Reviews for Radicals - Book reviews about politics and organizing, targeted at busy organizers.
  • Five Strategies to Support U.S. Democracy - One of the most thorough plans for improving the health of US democracy, written by Rachel Kleinfeld at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in 2022. It reaches beyond electoral fixes to deeper cultural problems and institutional reforms.
  • Movement Training Calendar - A list of conferences and trainings across the progressive movement. Provided by The Movement Coop.

Image courtesy of Susan Q Yin