Progressive media ownership

Progressives should own the means of content distribution, in order to respond to the adbvantage that conservatives have in this space. Stephanie Schriock discusses her ideas on media ownership in her Great Battlefield interview, at the 57:48 mark.

The basic principles she lays out are:

  1. Progressives should own media distribution networks like radio stations. That would reduce the need for campaigns to “buy media” in the form of advertising in the long run.
  2. Progressive media should target people who are not already progressive activists, but should seek to bring them on an ideological journey.
  3. Media properties should seek to “push each other up” by cross-promoting one another, e.g. with the host of one show appearing as the guest on another.
  4. In addition to targeting ownership of “old media” networks like radio stations, progressives also need to be thinking in terms of new media like streaming services, podcast networks, etc.

This idea ties closely to the idea of marrying content and organizing. Indeed, Courier Newsroom, which practices this idea quite deftly, is one of the foremost examples of progressive media ownership today.