Marry content and organizing

This idea is a high-level approach to addressing an audience: incorporate political messaging and activity into a larger stream of “conventional” messaging and activity. Put another way, this approach attempts to bring politics into non-political venues.

It’s not a new approach by any means, but it is largely under-represented among progressive technology startups. HeadCount is one counter-example - it seeks to register voters at concerts and festivals. Courier Newsroom follows this idea in its editorial decision, blending left-leaning news with largely apolitical news like sports and entertainment. Tara McGowan describes their approach to organizing in this Great Battlefield episode, at around 52:54. PushBlack follows this approach but with a different kind of content.

Related to this approach is a somewhat different approach to delivering media, using social media-native formats. That is, this approach to media delivery designs content around a social media platform, rather than posting content on an independent website and merely linking to it from social media.