Social Media for Campaigns

How can we create small social media networks for campaign professionals and volunteers? How can we make it easy for staff to readily communicate with one another and/or their volunteers? These problems affect all kinds of campaigns, and solving them helps enable things like distributed canvassing and peer-to-peer canvassing.

Also - how do we stay in touch after a campaign is over? How do we retain email addresses once “” has been decommissioned because the campaign is over? How can campaigns quickly find high-quality professionals who might be able to help them out?

There is some prior art here - National Field attempted to create just such a tool in the aftermath of the Obama campaign. However, the tool suffered from lack of adoption and has since been shuttered. It was also not really “Slack-enabled”. What can we do to upgrade such tools and make it easy to communicate within a campaign, with the latest suite of tools available?

A very closely related idea is social media for activists. Currently Unified is developing a solution in this space. (I am an investor in Unified.)