Progressive financial news

The world of financial news is heavily skewed towards a conservative economic worldview. This worldview tends to bemoan high taxes and unionization as almost axiomatically bad. For better or worse, the progressive movement includes a fair number of well-to-do individuals - esepcially white-collar professionals in technology, medicine, and law. When those folks look for information about how to invest their money, they are essentially bombarded with conservative talking points dressed up as sound investment advice.

Progressives need to balance this ecosystem with an alternative set of financial news and opinions. When companies unionize, when taxes are made more fair, etc. - these news sites need to provide the context that gives investors confidence in such developments, and makes them see them as on-balance good.

There is some prior art here in the socially responsible investment world, and funds like the DEMZ ETF. These are great starts, but they tend to be focused on individuals who are already planning to use their investment dollars towards progressive causes. There’s a still wider cut of people who don’t think about investment dollars in this way and need solid financial advice. This avenue of work could readily prove to be a profitable “product” offered by progressive economic think tanks like The Groundwork Collaborative.

Credit to Great Battlefield podcasts from Lindsay Owens and Abigail Wuest/Jason Britton for these ideas.