Progressive org chart as a service

Which organizations are progressive? How do they work together (whether as formal “chapters” / “tables” or informal collaborations)?

Which ballot measures are progressive? What about non-partisan candidates, as exist in some municipalities? How do we know which ones are progressives?

Who are all the candidates for elected office in the US? Which ones won their races and how well did they do? Are there some good prospects who could be recruited to be candidates, but haven’t been asked?

These problems affect lots of progressive tech startups, especially those which seek to serve under-served campaigns. How can we make these kinds of determinations at scale?

Some of these issues have been addressed, and certainly some party committees attempt to solve the recruitment issue in their own way. There are also plenty of outside groups which do recruitment. But could we persist this data in some kind of machine-readable, archival format that could serve as a resource for future progressive tech startups?