Movement SSO

The explosion of new tech tools in the past several years has created something of an interesting problem: campaign staffers now have to juggle tons of different logins. There’s a relatively ready-made solution to this problem in the technology world: single-sign on providers via OAuth. There are even vendors like Auth0 which specialize in providing single-sign on as a service. Could such a service be made available to the progressive movement and integrated easily into the plethora of campaign tools made available in the past few years?

EveryAction already has such a solution in the form of ActionID, but there is relatively little documentation about it. There are a handful of actors in the space who have adopted it, but it’s far from universal. It’s possible that EveryAction is not the ideal vendor for such a service - competitors like Political Data, Inc. understandably may not want to push their users toward this service. Do we need some kind of “neutral” third party to make such a service available?