Messaging platform

Democrats and progressives benefit from a CRM, produced by NGP VAN, which is used throughout the country in a wide variety of campaigns and organizations. (I worked at NGP VAN from 2010 - 2019. -Shai Sachs) The ubiquity of this constituent-contact platform means that staffers who are trained on one campaign can hit the ground running when they move to a different campaign. Moreover, this platform aggregates data in a way which gives campaigns a lot of insight into the behavior of a voter over time, contingent on data-sharing agreements.

A similar solution could emerge for messaging solutions. Tools like Torch, GrowProgress, Deck, Greenfly, and many others, could be united into a holistic suite. Once assembled, such a messaging suite could be made available to a wide variety of campaigns and organizations via “umbrella” groups like America Votes and the DNC.

This idea was discussed in the Great Battlefield episode about Torch, at about 58:55. Curtis Hougland describes a similar idea in his Great Battlefield interview, at about 38:27. His proposal was to source “emotionally-resonant digital social content” on every issue and to coordinate use of that content across a wide variety of organizations.