Internet policy

We need to reform the way we think about Internet policy, and progressives need to develop proposals in this area. There are numerous issues important for reform:

  • Reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This Act absolves social media networks of the need to monitor content on their platforms. In light of the problems of online radicalization and the anti-democratic potential it carries, it may be wise to create some kind of standard framework for content monitoring.
  • Privacy reform, such as a nationwide version of the California Consumer Protection Act or the General Data Protection Regulations of the EU.
  • CAN SPAM reform so that spam regulations apply to political communication, as Kenneth Pennington discusses in his Great Battlefield interview at the 58:40 mark.

At a high level, we need to be thinking about how we want the Internet to look from a positive perspective, to think about how the Internet can serve pro-social goals. New_ Public is doing great work along these lines, and there may be policy reforms that arise out of this work. The Stanford Global Digital Policy Incubator also does work along these lines.