Infrastructure endowment

Some elements of the progressive movement are “infrastructural” in nature and require ongoing operational funding. Would it be possible to gather some amount of capital to invest in some kind of endowment which could generate dividends to provide baseline support in some kind of “secular” fashion? Which organization should house such a fund, and how would it be raised without sacrificing short-term goals?

In his Great Battlefield interview, Jerry Hauser points out that a fraction of non-profit giving could be redirected to political investments, with outsize returns (1:11:21 mark). Such giving would almost certainly be well-targeted toward an endowment fund.

Such an infrastructure endowment would be a natural source of funding for “utilities” that are used by numerous campaigns and organizations. Kat Atwater discusses the idea of utility-style funding in her Great Battlefield interview at the 24:52 mark. In some places, this approach is already used.