Donor services platform

A donor services platform would offer individual donors a number of services to streamline their giving and make it a more pleasant experience.

The centerpiece of this service would be an email forwarding product which donors can use to insulate their mailbox from fundraising appeals. For exmaple, a donor named Alice Smith could have an email address like, and use this email address when makig donations. When future fundraising appeals arrive at this email address, the appeals could be forwarded to Amy Smith’s personal email address if the service determines that the appeal is legitimate - or the appeals could be deleted or marked spam if not. The platform could make a variety of configurations available to each donor to decide what is and isn’t a legitimate appeal, or it could use some form of artificial intelligence to reasonably guess.

The value of such a service would primarily aim at some of the most savvy donors; most donors will not even know about the donor services platform, let alone avail themselves of it at donation time. However, it would create a way for these donors to organize and to reverse some of the pernicious trends in email fundraising. Such a platform could, for example, help technology vendors identify likely malicious actors in order to prevent terms of service abuse.

Naturally, this service could be extended to forwarding phone numbers as well as to forwarding email addresses, using Google Voice-style phone forwarding.

In addition to email forwarding, the platform could offer other services such as donation tracking over time, campaign news and analysis, lightweight social features to support giving circles, etc.